I work with organisations and individuals as a mentor, coach and guide. A latter day elder or consigliere (without all the horses head thing)

It starts with getting clarity – what’s important and why it’s worth working for.

It continues with working together to explore that space – not training, not “best practice”; Discovery. Personal, Practical, Powerful.

My role is to support, challenge, and encourage. To provide honest, open, and sometimes challenging feedback in service of you becoming what you are capable of becoming.

Lastly, I curate. I have forty years of experience of successes, failures, surprises, and discovery of my own, combined with a reading history of (really) thousands of books around what I do. Some of that, at some time, may be useful for you. I put them at your service.

I don’t “consult” in the traditional sense. I do work with others who do that, but my focus is purely on your performance and fulfilment.

I don’t have a standard business model. I work with you on the basis of the way you need to be worked with.

If you’re interested, contact me. I’ll spend a few hours with you, at no obligation, doing what I do and we’ll see if it might help you. Your obligation is to give me free time, in a quiet place, with your phone off. That’s all.


+44 (0)7866 814 722