These are my filters.

  1. That we can each make a unique contribution to make our world a better place for those who follow.
  2. That there is a big difference to being a good member of society and allowing ourselves to be tamed.
  3. That it is too easy to regard education as the acquisition of replicable skills rather than the generation of unique understanding.
  4. That our strength comes from an ability to be a “company of one” in pursuit of something that matters to us.
  5. That our success is determined by who we choose to work with.
  6. That sensing and feeling is at least as important as thinking.
  7. That over reliance on technology can separate us from who we really are.
  8. That organizations attract the people they deserve
  9. That organizations cannot sustainably change as fast as their environment. They age and die as part of a natural process, and that’s ok.
  10. That we cannot sustain more than 150 genuine relationships
  11. That purpose – whether realised or being sought – is at the heart of every meaningful project.
  12. That “the economy” is a great servant but a despotic master.
  13. That we are part of an infinite connected system
  14. That stories beat logic every time
  15. The scary questions are more powerful than comfortable answers
  16. That we are all artists capable of bringing something into being that has not existed before.
  17. That the courage to have a point of view is critical
  18. That resistance to change increases with size and success
  19. That companies don’t have to be big to be successful
  20. We create our own environment. It’s a choice
  21. Passion is not a given; we can build it.
  22. We all have a genius for something.
  23. That uncertainty is our friend.
  24. Comparing ourselves with others is destructive.
  25. That right now there’s an important challenge out there that only you and a very few others know how to solve.
  26. That our biggest competition is often ourselves.
  27. That caution is different to risk aversion
  28. That the difference between failure and growth is mindset
  29. Just start
  30. It’s never too late.
  31. You are made accountable, but responsibility is a choice
  32. That we should make an effort to learn like children do – from curiosity, not fear.
  33. That you cannot control people to high performance.
  34. Hierarchies are obsolete where there is ubiquitous connection.
  35. That we shouldn’t create organisations that treat people as targets.
  36. That if you can’t be proud of your organisation, join with others to build one you can be.
  37. You can reward people who care, but cannot incentivise people to care.
  38. If in doubt, go for a walk – preferably outside, amongst greenery.
  39. That every “solution” has a very short half life
  40. That making “scale” a goal can exhaust an otherwise great idea.