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Reflections 18th April

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell when something is ending, or beginning. A liminal space where something is emerging but the old has not yet disappeared, and both seem present at the same time. It’s confusing and unsettling and which version we choose to accept is… Read More

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Reflections 11th April

It’s been an eventful week full of conversation around what I referred to last week as a sense of “quickening” – that as yet not well defined but quite tangible sense of things moving. Maybe Spring, maybe the anticipation of greater degrees of freedom and… Read More

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Reflections 4th April

Real insight happens at the edge of what we know or think, and of course what is beyond the edge is not nothing, just something we haven’t understood yet. That edge seems disorganised, and often absurd but it is where our next step forward lies.… Read More