Reflections 13th September

What I’ve noticed. That I’m finding myself quietly optimistic. If that sounds irrational, it’s not because I think all will suddenly be sweetness and light, it’s because what is happening is forcing us to pay attention whilst we can still do something about it. Coronavirus is going to be with us for some time, andContinue reading “Reflections 13th September”

Reflections 6th September

What I’ve noticed. That people are beginning to make decisions for themselves. We becomemore resilient, and antifragile even, the more decision making is distributed to where the action needs to take place. The military have known in for years, and utilities are gettin g it as they switch to sitrubuted networls to reduce the likelihoodContinue reading “Reflections 6th September”

Reflections 30th August

What I’ve noticed. We seem to be in something of a phase change. Perhaps it’s the onset of Autumn, or the experience not so much of U turns by our government as much a set of donuts that would put Lewis Hamilton to shame. All smoke and noise with little forward motion. We’re betwixt andContinue reading “Reflections 30th August”