Fear is a waste of imagination

Some of the biggest shifts we are seeing in the way our world operates is being enabled by interoperable systems. Ensuring that my data can work with your data, and that my systems can work with your systems. This capability is creating fertile conditions for everything from mashups to radical innovation and insight. The “price”Continue reading “Fear is a waste of imagination”

Vision and Goals

Our current politics, and business, is surfacing some interesting thoughts for me. We all get the “vision thing” – and indeed it’s foundational to something worthwhile in the long term. But it’s difficult to have a vision when you’re uncomfortable, or under threat. For most people, Visions are created from places of stillness and relativeContinue reading “Vision and Goals”

Stranded on the summit.

To make the changes we need to not just survive, but thrive together, we have to go beyond what we know and be guided by what we believe in, our intuition, and our insight. It’s difficult, because we’re used to proof. A solid business case. Someone to blame if it goes wrong. We’re used toContinue reading “Stranded on the summit.”