Reflections Sunday 23rd August

What I’ve noticed. I’ve found myself reflecting on the nature and importance of connection this week. Technology makes it easy to connect on a personal level. I think that has a danger in that it can make connection casual, like collecting points. Relationships define our lives, and I believe we need to take each andContinue reading “Reflections Sunday 23rd August”

Less of More

Branding is not something you create. Brands are made of experience. I’ve been considering how we have let brokers in between us and what’s important to us. How we have let ourselves be seduced into believing a confection created by clever people to convince us to believe something is what it plainly is not. ItContinue reading “Less of More”

Counterfeit is a mindset.

The current crisis is putting businesses and brands under the microscope in unexpected ways. Those that have made vision, mission and values statements in the heat of a relaxed offsite are finding themselves in the spotlight as their real commitment to those values is tested in the heat of the crisis. Nobody would question theContinue reading “Counterfeit is a mindset.”