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Reflections, 7th November.

On my mind this last week. I’m finding weeks are fuller than they used to be. In addition to the things that typically occupy my attention, from family, friends, writing and client work, I find much of what I took for granted outside the boundaries… Read More

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Reflections 5 September

On my Mind this week. Being on the hook. As we fully get into the September back to work routines and Westminster reconvenes, I’ve found myself thinking about the broader nature of social distancing. I think we’ve been getting increasingly socially distanced for a while,… Read More

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Making haste slowly.

It seems that, over the last couple of decades, we have somehow conflated scale and speed. We are obsessed with unicorn businesses, exponential growth, and serial entrepreneurship, where we seek growth for growth’s sake rather than building something worth building. As with almost everything, the… Read More