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Reflections 28th March

My focus in the last week has moved from connections to the conversations that power them. Our conversations carries the stories we tell about ourselves, others, the nature of our connections, and how we live. Conversations are the mycelium of our society. They provide connection,… Read More

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I wrote yesterday about the “great fraying” as superficial relationships are eroded by the impact of Covid. There’s a counterside. Many of us have found ourselves talking with people we would not normally talk to, in ways we wouldn’t normally talk to them, about things… Read More

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A master of uncertainty was John Boyd, a Lt.Col in the US air Force, and the greatest strategist few people have heard of. A maverick Genius. Fighter pilot, engineer, philosopher, physicist. He had a way of thinking about things, the OODA loop.  Observation, Orientation, Decision,… Read More