We are craftspeople at heart.

Craft is hugely inefficient. Perhaps that’s where its power comes from. Craft derives from a sense of purpose. Simply put, what we produce is part of us, and a part of the signature that identifies us, where we’ve been and where we’re headed.  One of the defining characteristics of a craftsperson, like an artist, isContinue reading “We are craftspeople at heart.”

Working for what?

I’ve found myself increasingly curious about how changes in technology (particularly AI) will affect the way we work. There are forecasts that suggest around 50% of routine jobs might be replaced by technology by 2050. Like all forecasts, the likelihood it will be wrong does not distract from the direction of travel we are headedContinue reading “Working for what?”

New Games

Rohit Talwar was speaking today NextGen in Derby – appropriately at the Silk Mill – the world’s first factory.  The core of his message is similar to the conversations we have with clients – how to entertain the possibilities that are emerging, and to hold in mind both the need to maximise today’s performance whilstContinue reading “New Games”