I suspect today will be seen in retrospect as an indicator of how our mindsets may have changed during Covid-19. Lockdown lasted long enough for us to change habits – like commuting, interminable meetings, eating out, spending time with families and many other smaller, but important aspects of our daily lives. It means that “goingContinue reading “Choices”

Spirit of Schumpeter

Joseph Schumpeter was the Austrian Economist who made the term “creative destruction” famous. He was a thinker ahead of his time around business and entrepreneurship. I wonder what he would make of today? Would he see the changes on the High St, and the increasing weakness of the big companies of the last century asContinue reading “Spirit of Schumpeter”

Waiting in Line

If you’re waiting for a bus, waiting in line is fine (and if you’re British, compulsory) On the other hand, waiting for permission to air an idea, to make an observation, to exercise your genius is not. We now have the largest and most educated population in human history. Technology has ensured that the growthContinue reading “Waiting in Line”