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What lies hidden?

“Nature does not hurry,¬†yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tzu We live in a “hurry up” culture. Efficiency, speed, and scale have become ends in themselves more than a means to an end. When things are stable, the penalty we pay is not enjoying the scenery… Read More

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Reflections 14th March

Connections were on my mind last week, and they still are this week. Not only does it seem that we are myopic in terms of what is connected to what and how, sometimes we are wilfully blind. We tend to value what we can measure,… Read More

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Processing speed

Concentrating on how fast we process data is a dangerous and unhealthy trap. Rather like fast food, we don’t consider what we’re consuming, and fall foul of the carb rush. Instant gratification. We’re entering (if not already in) an era where processing faster is ceasing… Read More