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The power of witnessing

I’m always amazed at how easily powerful words become bland with overuse. Words that should stop us in our tracks pass us by hardly acknowledged. Words like trust, and truth, and integrity get absorbed into narrative, become tamed and slip quietly by us. The word… Read More

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What makes for a great Cafe?

I have always disliked the term “Entertainment Industry”. It smacks of the food and drink equivalent of satanic mills. The picture above is of Cafe Guerbois. Centred on Edouard Manet, its customers included Emile Zola, Monet, Renoir, Pissaro and Degas. It was the crucible from… Read More

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Running in the fog.

Despite the protestations of those who depend on forecasting for a living, the very best of them – and there aren’t many, can see no further than a year ahead with any credibility. The vast majority can do a little over three months. (If you… Read More