In the Midlands? – Three things to reflect on this week.

For those of us in the Midlands, here are three things to think about over that CostaBucks as you start the week: There was a brilliant TEDx Brum event on Saturday. Lots of local, great speakers, and an exceptional one by Emma Mulqueeny. If you have millenials, anywhere in your world, visit her blog onContinue reading “In the Midlands? – Three things to reflect on this week.”

Beyond the SME Hype

There‚Äôs a great piece of research just released by NESTA. In essence, it has four messages: Most startups were not particularly special from an economic point of view. Many good companies go out of business. Existing businesses were by far the biggest contributors to economic growth. The British economy became significantly worse at allocating resourcesContinue reading “Beyond the SME Hype”