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Reflections 10th October

On my mind this week. A thread running through what I’ve been noticing has been amplified this week—our attitudes to relationships and responsibilities.  As we hit issue after issue, nobody wants to take responsibility, from a shortage of HGV drivers, through one in five nursing… Read More

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Making haste slowly.

It seems that, over the last couple of decades, we have somehow conflated scale and speed. We are obsessed with unicorn businesses, exponential growth, and serial entrepreneurship, where we seek growth for growth’s sake rather than building something worth building. As with almost everything, the… Read More

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Reflections 27th June

On my mind this week. As we go through this transition phase, out of a lockdown mentality to whatever we are moving into, I’m sensing a pattern. Over this last year, technology has moved centre stage in how we work, not just what we do.… Read More