Waving, or Drowning?

Every morning, I get summaries in my mail of the highlights of what is going on around me in business. The streams of late are not pretty, and getting ever less so. Failures and redundacies And increasingly large businesses, and sector bodies appealing for Government help. Wanting to be rescued. Whilst conditions are, undeniably, difficultContinue reading “Waving, or Drowning?”

Shock Absorbers

Every system has one or more shock absorbers in order to cope when we hit a bump in the road. “Their” Shock Absorbers Covid-19 is an opportunity to look at companies in action, under pressure, to see the truth behind the hype. Those with high staff counts tend to go for their employees. Layoffs, shortContinue reading “Shock Absorbers”

Puzzles and Mysteries.

I was educated to solve puzzles. That with enough expertise, evidence and tools, Economics was a puzzle to be solved if I tried hard enough. It took me a while to work out that the problem was that somebody was fixing the rules. It was relatively easy to solve the problems that were set, butContinue reading “Puzzles and Mysteries.”