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Reflections 10th October

On my mind this week. A thread running through what I’ve been noticing has been amplified this week—our attitudes to relationships and responsibilities.  As we hit issue after issue, nobody wants to take responsibility, from a shortage of HGV drivers, through one in five nursing… Read More

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Reflections 7 March

In a week that has seen a budget, a contentiously low pay award to those who’ve covered our backs in the last year, massive spends in Downing St on a media centre, and a makeover by a temporary resident there that would buy a house… Read More

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The Great Fraying?

Weaving meaningful relationships takes time to build, but only a short time to come apart. In an interesting piece by Robin Dunbar on the BBC this morning, the coming apart can take as little as 3 months. It doesn’t need trauma, or drama, just benign… Read More