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We need Weird….

As we step tentatively into 2022, we find a world no different from the one we left in 2021, but perhaps after the break, it just looks stranger. There‚Äôs something about posturing around Omicron security as we observe different approaches, from the cautious to the… Read More

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Radical Hybrid Working

Yesterday, I shared some thoughts on “Village 3.0″, loved some of the comments and ideas I got back, and thought I’d extend the thinking a little more. How far, I wonder, could we stretch the idea of hybrid working to become a radical new concept… Read More

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Reflections 11th April

It’s been an eventful week full of conversation around what I referred to last week as a sense of “quickening” – that as yet not well defined but quite tangible sense of things moving. Maybe Spring, maybe the anticipation of greater degrees of freedom and… Read More