A walk towards Uncertainty

Taking the next step can be scary when we’re not certain about the step after that. The result, often, is that we don’t take the step. If we don’t we’ll never know what we might have missed. Last week, I wrote a blog that ended with “As to what to do? How to harness theContinue reading “A walk towards Uncertainty”


Covid-19 is revealing some uncomfortable truths to us. We have built an incredibly fragile economy based on things of fleeting and peripheral value. What is left of any value when we have consumed: The £3 coffee that contains around twenty five pence worth of coffee? The £3,000 holiday that we spent checking our phones andContinue reading “Simplicity”

Reflections 6th September

What I’ve noticed. That people are beginning to make decisions for themselves. We becomemore resilient, and antifragile even, the more decision making is distributed to where the action needs to take place. The military have known in for years, and utilities are gettin g it as they switch to sitrubuted networls to reduce the likelihoodContinue reading “Reflections 6th September”