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The Problem Problem

We have a problem with problems. We’re not very good at recognising them. But, on the other hand, we’re brilliant at symptoms. Give us a symptom, and we’re all over it because there’s money to be made from symptoms. We spent 1.26 trillion dollars on… Read More

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Choosing our problems with care.

There is a notion put forward by Mark Rowlands in his excellent book “The Philosopher and the Wolf“; that simians and humans are the only animals to manufacture weakness in others, rather than just exploit it. It’s a disturbing thought, and one I’m trying to… Read More

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Introvert Problems

Extrovert Problems We’ve all been there. In meetings dominated by the egos, the snappy dressers, the busy people. Bringing attention to themselves, despite the fact they are not the people who are important to address the real issue. They define the problem in terms of… Read More