Reflections 18th October

What I’ve noticed. The steady evaporation of centralised authority. It’s becoming very evident as politicians bicker over which regions should lock down to what extent, “following the science” becomes clear as a marketing tagline, local leadership asserts itself in the North, and the only response is to co-opt track and trace data and threaten peopleContinue reading “Reflections 18th October”

We are equal to this

From lockdowns to climate change to leadership, we seem to have become obsessed with formulae, templates and solutions. As though somehow, we just need an upgrade to deal with what’s in front of us. “Being guided by the science” has become dogma, even though all proven science is retrospective, and of only partial use whenContinue reading “We are equal to this”

Scale kills Craft

The challenge with craft is scale. Products, services, art created through intense focus and love, often one at a time. Each piece in one way or another signed by its creator through small differences, flaws, textures. Each one an original, a memory and a collectible, limited in number by the capacity of the creator. TheContinue reading “Scale kills Craft”