What game are you playing?

“Taking things to the next level” is one of those hackneyed phrases that has been repeated so often that it becomes meaningless. However, it wasn’t meaningless when it started, and it’s worth a revisit. Great games have almost infinite worlds. We work through one, through different levels until we find ourselves in the next one,Continue reading “What game are you playing?”

Get Weaving!

We’ve made it really really easy to be lazy. We are automating the hard work of being human. Thinking for ourselves. Feeling. Seeing. Being seen. When we have a challenge we can choose from ‘best practice’, “celebrity” comparison, or advice from one form or another of consultant. The problem is that they are not you,Continue reading “Get Weaving!”

For or Against?

There seems to have been a real breach in our defences as a result of Covid. Up to the end of January most of us were blissfully unaware of the virus, and even when it began to make the lower levels of the news, regarded it as some sort of a little local difficulty. It’sContinue reading “For or Against?”