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Artisans and Alchemy

Businesses built on convention harness scientific management thinking. Models, evidence, plans, design. When we know what we want to do, it works well. We can target demographics, map competition, measure acceptance. Make sure the client is getting what they want better from us than from… Read More

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Artisans and Independence

In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts: they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty. Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Self-Reliance As we leave the industrial era behind, perhaps rather more rapidly than we thought a few months ago thanks to… Read More

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Shouting in the wind

There is nothing wrong with, and every need for, outrageous ambition right now as we seek to transition from an industrial mindset to something altogether more integrated and inclusive. Overcoming the natural resistance of those who the current system benefits is a challenge. They are… Read More