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Coming Home to Roost?

It is sobering to think of the conversations going on in Boardrooms right now. Caught between an incontrovertible IPCC report, on the one hand, credible approaches from those like RethinkX on the other, and under the unforgiving gaze of Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg, and increasingly,… Read More

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Tired of Maybe.

I suspect exhaustion, like insanity, has its roots in repeatedly doing the same thing whilst expecting a different result. This morning, the thought occurred when reading an email that referred to Mark Manson’s advice that “if it isn’t a F****** YES, it’d a NO”. There’s a thread… Read More

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Owners, Players, Spectators…

I found myself looking at an interesting stream on LinkedIn on our relationship with Google around learning that had generated over a thousand comments, a number that caught my attention. I thought about the post as a football, and those commenting as variously owners, for… Read More