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Radical Hybrid Working

Yesterday, I shared some thoughts on “Village 3.0″, loved some of the comments and ideas I got back, and thought I’d extend the thinking a little more. How far, I wonder, could we stretch the idea of hybrid working to become a radical new concept… Read More

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Oscillating Networks

I wrote yesterday that narratives oscillate. So do our networks. They have lifecycles. Whatever effort we put in, and no matter how many contacts we may have, the relationship core stays pretty much the same size. The centre – a handful of people we trust… Read More

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Calling the Island to you

Orienting ourselves, our careers and our businesses at the current time is at best confusing and at worst worrying. Our conventional methods – product design, market segmentation, channels – all seem to go awry, buffeted by the storms of geopolitics, platform technologies, attitudes to work… Read More