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The signals we send

As we have become more and more skilled at marketing and PR have we forgotten that people judge us on what we do, not what we say? That thin veneer of promises and beautifully crafted messages is a skinny and fragile veneer glued on top… Read More

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When things are not what they seem.

When globalisation started to ramp up three decades ago, we created a whole new brandscape. When we offshored capability, our relationship with products and services changed. Brands acted as though nothing much had changed. The Mac I am typing this on still carries Western branding… Read More

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Sunrise Marketing

I think marketing falls into two categories;  Firstly, the grasping sort, delivered by growth-obsessed businesses, cleverly creating dissatisfaction with where we are, artfully constructing an idealised place where we could be and offering to take us there via its product or service – at a… Read More