Evidence Based Leadership – an Oxymoron??

When things are changing around us and uncertainty has the stage by the time we have evidence, it’s already happened. When does a reliance on data and evidence become a cop out? Very few of us would deny the value and power of data in advancing science, or the power of science to increase ourContinue reading “Evidence Based Leadership – an Oxymoron??”

Leadership vs. Management

Leadership has fallen into everyday terminology. There is a multi billion dollar market in training people to be leaders. I’ve noticed in conversations and in appraisals aspirations to leadership. Leadership is generally seen to be a “good thing” When I ask people what do you want to lead, and why? I often get a bemusedContinue reading “Leadership vs. Management”

The Limits of Specialists

We ended 2014 on something of a perceived high. Specialists were reveling in a recovering economy, jobs growth, and bright prospects for 2015. As we enter 2015, it feels different. Oil Prices, Greece, Syriza, Elections. In reality of course, nothing has changed except the people we pay attention to; and we tend to pay attentionContinue reading “The Limits of Specialists”