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An image of the future

It is easy to feel overwhelmed right now. There is so much we seem to face that we do not understand on so many fronts. Conventional approaches don’t provide a way that feels right, and there are no experts in the complexity we are walking… Read More

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What lies hidden?

“Nature does not hurry,¬†yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tzu We live in a “hurry up” culture. Efficiency, speed, and scale have become ends in themselves more than a means to an end. When things are stable, the penalty we pay is not enjoying the scenery… Read More

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The Values Chain

Before the pandemic, what seems like a long time ago, we spent a long time obsessing about value chains. We looked at how to make them efficient and wring every last drop of margin from them. We even did risk assessments to determine their vulnerability… Read More