Agency is one of those interesting words that seem to have polarities of accepted meaning. At one end, the association with external agency- estate agencies, advertising agencies, government agencies. At the other end, our personal agency. How we interact with the world, what we take responsibility for. I think it’s about locus of control. ThoseContinue reading “Agency”

Reflections 13th September

What I’ve noticed. That I’m finding myself quietly optimistic. If that sounds irrational, it’s not because I think all will suddenly be sweetness and light, it’s because what is happening is forcing us to pay attention whilst we can still do something about it. Coronavirus is going to be with us for some time, andContinue reading “Reflections 13th September”

The Alchemy of Coronavirus

Alchemy is a great metaphor for what’s going on right now. The epitome of creative destruction. Firstly, the reduction of the familiar into a mass, then the extraction from the mass of what’s needed, and finally the synthesis of that into the new. Base metal to gold. Coronavirus is a catalyst. It’s started the process.Continue reading “The Alchemy of Coronavirus”