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Reflections, 29 August.

On my mind this week. I’ve been thinking about the nature of diversity. It’s one of those words that suddenly become de rigeur, enters the lexicon of items to be included on checklists, and non-debatable. To question it is to commit heresy. It goes along… Read More

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Lose the Label

We have been living life at an increasingly frenetic pace. The demands on our attention is enormous. We need a hand, and that hand is the label, Just as Steve Jobs wardrobe was famously limited – mostly T Shirts, all black in order to avoid… Read More

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I’ve never been a big fan of labels. We’re not designed to operate inside the confines of a role description. They are organisationally convenient, but also a means of domestication We’re curious creatures, always alive to taking the road less travelled if we believe it… Read More