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Our culture encourages external validation. School grades, better degrees, promotion, pay rises, likes. It reinforces a dependency on other people, and often people we would not choose to be dependent on. Its opposite is internal validation. The stuff of soul and self. The warmth that… Read More

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The Business Garden

Gardening and natural world metaphors abound in business, and provide a solid link to the systemic, rather than a mechanical approach to understanding change. A new dimension was added for me last night as I overheard a comment on “Gardeners World”; “There is no garden… Read More

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Spark to a Flame

There’s been a distinct direction of travel in the national mood over the last couple of years. The dominant narrative has been around uncertainty, unfairness, and other negative sentiments. There’s an good article in this weeks Economist that captures it. Our reality is not what’s… Read More