A Place Between

I think “scale” is one of those concepts that has been repeated so often it has become a mantra. We accept it as something somehow so virtuous and obvious we no longer think about it.   Scale as a Religion People make good livings by billing themselves as “scale up experts” and “growth coaches” basedContinue reading “A Place Between”

Inefficiency – the antidote to surprises.

Everything in and around us changes constantly. By the time you get to the end of this sentence, around 50 million cells in your body will have died and replaced. Our entire bodies are replaced every seven years. We don’t notice. It’s normal. Twenty percent of businesses fail in their first year, fifty percent byContinue reading “Inefficiency – the antidote to surprises.”


Our culture encourages external validation. School grades, better degrees, promotion, pay rises, likes. It reinforces a dependency on other people, and often people we would not choose to be dependent on. Its opposite is internal validation. The stuff of soul and self. The warmth that is generated from doing things we love, that we areContinue reading “Sawubona”