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Under Pressure

Two weeks ago today, the IPCC released its sixth report best summarised as putting the planet on “code red.” As headlines, it had a half-life of twenty-four hours and was quickly eclipsed by other much less momentous, short term, attention-grabbing material to attract attention to… Read More

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Reflections 22 August.

On my mind this week. I have been aware for some time of what I have described as a “quickening.” A sense of dissonance; an unease generated by events that we do not talk about but often surfaces in reflective conversations. It’s also, I understand,… Read More

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We are what we measure

Over the last two hundred years or so, we in the West have become an extraordinarily short-sighted culture. What is worse, we have packaged it and exported it until it has become a global culture and arrived at what the IPCC report described as “code… Read More