Reflections 13th September

What I’ve noticed. That I’m finding myself quietly optimistic. If that sounds irrational, it’s not because I think all will suddenly be sweetness and light, it’s because what is happening is forcing us to pay attention whilst we can still do something about it. Coronavirus is going to be with us for some time, andContinue reading “Reflections 13th September”

Money as Insulation

We have allowed money to become a commodity, when it used to be a token of a relationship. In earlier, smaller societies it was easier. You had something I needed, but I didn’t have anything you needed, so money was used as a token of that imbalance. It was personal. That money might be passedContinue reading “Money as Insulation”

Counterfeit is a mindset.

The current crisis is putting businesses and brands under the microscope in unexpected ways. Those that have made vision, mission and values statements in the heat of a relaxed offsite are finding themselves in the spotlight as their real commitment to those values is tested in the heat of the crisis. Nobody would question theContinue reading “Counterfeit is a mindset.”