Start at the Beginning

We’ve been brought up, trained and rewarded for getting it right. We have templates, best practice, and proven solutions. All of these were created for a time that isn’t now, but a time of greater stability, earlier in the industrial cycle, when things were at best complicated, and at worst complex. We could apply theContinue reading “Start at the Beginning”

Just play the ball!

Imagine the scene. Players on the 18th hole after a long and difficult match. The pressure is on. Playing an approach shot to the final green, one of the players is appalled when his ball hits a passing seagull, and ricochets off into the roughest rough there is. Not even a bunker, much worse thanContinue reading “Just play the ball!”


Friction gets a bad press. I don’t think it should. Around a year ago, I wrote a short piece on Friction, and got some generous and thoughtful flak from a reader in the USA. A marine, he was steeped in the notion of friction as embodied in concepts of mission command, where friction is anythingContinue reading “Friction”