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Becoming an Artisan

In talking with those who have what I think of as an artisinal attitude, there is a recurrent theme: The work is the client. Creativity may have a muse, but for the decorator painting our downstairs at the moment, it’s the work. It’s evident in… Read More

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Change is a mirror

Two things struck me in my morning scan of what’s going on today. The first was a typically incisive post from Leandro Herrero. The short version – the only change worth working on is people. Everything else follows. It’s always been true, but seems particularly… Read More

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For or Against?

There seems to have been a real breach in our defences as a result of Covid. Up to the end of January most of us were blissfully unaware of the virus, and even when it began to make the lower levels of the news, regarded… Read More