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Game on.

In the end, we can be a player, a pundit or a spectator. We can take part, consult, or just watch. I’ve always loved long form cricket; the way the game ebbs and flows not just over five days, but over a series. For me… Read More

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Stuff that Matters

When things are chugging along in a satisfactory manner I think we get lulled into a mindset that the baseline will take care of itself, and we can find ways to just increase it. A tweak here, some social media there, a pinch more efficiency.… Read More

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Artisans and the Infinite Game

The industrial age has focused on outputs, efficiency and margin. Localised ROI. Extract, process, consume. Recycling was a late and forced consideration, still done as afterthought in most businesses thinking processes. Artisans have always thought differently, or maybe not even thought as much as unconsciously… Read More