The virtual background problem

I’m fascinated by the number of people using virtual backgrounds at a time when virtual meetings are the norm. Not because I don’t like them – it’s clever technology, and a boon when the place where youre conferencing from is not somewhere you want people to see. However, that temptation poses an interesting question. WhyContinue reading “The virtual background problem”


I find it an attractive word. With its origin in Anglo Saxon, it is normally used in terms of weight, or effort but there is another very specific use in terms of animals and people, hefted, which is used to describe the relationship between them and the land they live on. Hefted flocks are thoseContinue reading “Heft”

The Glitch

Interesting exchange between a passenger and a ticket inspector on a journey into St. Pancras on Weds morning. Passenger asks for ticket. Inspector takes payment via card. Debit apparently shows on passengers a Bank app, but due to poor WiFi, credit does not show on Inspector’s machine. Which is where it got interesting. Both passengerContinue reading “The Glitch”