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Welcoming Disturbance

We’re not educated to welcome disturbance. We prefer things to be smooth, regular, and predictable. The thing is though that it is a disturbance that provides us with insight and spreads the seeds of new ideas that help us evolve. Not the sort of easy… Read More

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Owners, Players, Spectators…

I found myself looking at an interesting stream on LinkedIn on our relationship with Google around learning that had generated over a thousand comments, a number that caught my attention. I thought about the post as a football, and those commenting as variously owners, for… Read More

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Uncertainty, Confusion and Clarity

From my conversations with leaders, and my observations on what’s been happening around us, it seems that we have two very different challenges right now, and one overarching priority. Uncertainty These are “doing” challenges. We have the same sort of challenges we’re used to, but… Read More