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The beauty of constraints

“All you have is what you do, everything else is in your head” unascribed One of the constant effects of social media is a continuous exhortation to push our boundaries, stretch ourselves, and accept no limits. But without the support of people we know, who are… Read More

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Containers under Pressure

In that part of my world that is coaching, we talk about “containers”. Containers provide the structure to ensure safety when the pressure increases – in a conversation, organisation, society, and our planetary ecosystem. At its root level, as individuals, we are containers for all… Read More

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Time for the Understorey

When it comes to sustainability, regeneration and growth, forests have been practising for a long time. The oldest and healthiest forests have a mix of many varieties of trees, vegetation and wildlife, all supported by extensive underground networks of mycelium that act as conduits for… Read More