The Inefficient Library

Over the years, I’ve learned to read for insight as much as knowledge; allowing the mental space to make connections through what I read as much as absorb it. Right now, I’m enjoying David Weinberger’s excellent “Everyday Chaos”. He makes an interesting observation. It takes $150m a year to run Harvard’s Library, but every yearContinue reading “The Inefficient Library”


Generally speaking, it seems that most of the posts we see on business or personal growth fall into two categories; therapeutic, or instructional. The therapeutic works on the basis that we’re somehow not good enough, that we’re flawed, failing and need help. The instructional works on the basis that we’re insufficiently trained; that we needContinue reading “Growth”

What do you do when there’s no proof left?

We’ve been brought up to be able to prove our answers. QED. As leaders and managers, we have proven models, case studies, market research. We have cultures that do not look kindly on being wrong. And yet; the chances of being wrong are increasing by the day, and if we limit ourselves to actions whereContinue reading “What do you do when there’s no proof left?”