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And what else?

One of the classic coaching questions is “and what else?”. It exposes the fact that challenges – and solutions – are complex and often exist out of sight adjacent to the challenge being talked about. The same is true for almost everything in a system… Read More

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Reflections 11th October

What I’ve noticed. I’m seeing small, tentative but important steps towards dealing with our world as it is, rather than holding our breath hoping for Covid to go away. It won’t of course. Like other coronaviruses – SARS, and MERS it will stay with us… Read More

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When I lived in Switzerland, there was a joke.  The logs at the top of the pile needs the ones at the bottom to be really, really, stable. apochryphal As we get past the initial disorientation of what’s going on, past the stockpiling (interesting that… Read More