Generalists in an age of Specialists?

Firstly, we have to determine what we mean by Generalists. They are not just “non specialists”, or those with a varied background. Just as Specialists develop through “deliberate practice“, so Generalists develop through what I might term deliberate variety – the deliberate accumulation of varied experiences that will later interlink to create insight. To makeContinue reading “Generalists in an age of Specialists?”

The limits of speciality

I haven’t blogged for ten days. Sometimes, life just happens. I’m surprised by how much I miss it – I hadn’t realised how much it helps to get thoughts down and take the risk of publishing them – a sort of self appraisal. What took me away was interesting – something I’ve been looking atContinue reading “The limits of speciality”

The Limits of Specialists

We ended 2014 on something of a perceived high. Specialists were reveling in a recovering economy, jobs growth, and bright prospects for 2015. As we enter 2015, it feels different. Oil Prices, Greece, Syriza, Elections. In reality of course, nothing has changed except the people we pay attention to; and we tend to pay attentionContinue reading “The Limits of Specialists”