Efficiency comes at a price

We’re being offered an adventure right now. Whether we like it or not. Our “normal” world has dissolved and all of us, businesses, and individuals, find ourselves at a threshold. James Campbell, he of the hero’s journey left us with a wonderful body of work, and a way of thinking about our journeys. We areContinue reading “Efficiency comes at a price”

The Soft Supply Chain

Margaret Heffernan writes persuasively about “Wilful Blindness“, our ability and tendency to ignore what is sitting in plain sight. In the semi hysterical bunfight that was the debate around Brexit, much was made of the issues of possible trade friction and the dependence on certain sectors on the economy on imported labour – particularly farmingContinue reading “The Soft Supply Chain”

Spark to a Flame

There’s been a distinct direction of travel in the national mood over the last couple of years. The dominant narrative has been around uncertainty, unfairness, and other negative sentiments. There’s an good article in this weeks Economist that captures it. Our reality is not what’s real, it’s what we choose to see, and right nowContinue reading “Spark to a Flame”