You know when something really serious in happening when wilful blindness goes centre stage. I notice this morning that the CBI is lobbying for people to be made to go back to their offices so that the service industry that supported those offices can survive. That has something of the same logic as buggy whipContinue reading “Re-thinking”

Fear is a waste of imagination

Some of the biggest shifts we are seeing in the way our world operates is being enabled by interoperable systems. Ensuring that my data can work with your data, and that my systems can work with your systems. This capability is creating fertile conditions for everything from mashups to radical innovation and insight. The “price”Continue reading “Fear is a waste of imagination”

We’re all heroes now

Whether we like it or not. Campbell’s iconic structure covers a compelling sequence, starting in the “ordinary world”, a call to adventure and departure on a difficult Journey. Along the way our hero meets a mentor, who changes our her understanding of the world which leads her in to a road of trials, in unfamiliarContinue reading “We’re all heroes now”