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The right sort of trouble…

Conversations are at the heart of what we are all trying to navigate right now. Conversations about what we’re noticing, feeling and thinking because none of us knows, and that’s OK. Template solutions are as potentially disastrous as they are attractive, but there are no… Read More

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Return of the Artisan?

For the last couple of decades at least, the path to a well paid career was pretty straightforward. Go to University (the bigger the brand the better), followed by a top MBA. Spend ten years working for a big name consultancy, and leave before your… Read More

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Playing to our…….

Conventional wisdom has it that we play to our strengths. I wonder how limiting that might be. When we play to our strengths, it is natural to choose competitors who are weaker than us, because as a society we have a bias for winning. However,… Read More