The Business Garden

Gardening and natural world metaphors abound in business, and provide a solid link to the systemic, rather than a mechanical approach to understanding change. A new dimension was added for me last night as I overheard a comment on “Gardeners World”; “There is no garden without a gardener” It struck me that one of theContinue reading “The Business Garden”

The Emotional Supply Chain?

Our logical supply chains are getting ever better. The combination of well designed process, ubiquitous use of algorithms, and increasingly the benefits of machine (deep) learning ensure it. However, as I learn more about the nature of machine learning in particular, I believe that unless we are mindful, we will end up with important schism.Continue reading “The Emotional Supply Chain?”

The Sociopathic Algorithm

In the last few days I have noticed some interesting issues on the downsides of automated systems. First, British Airways, having been unable to resolve a pay and conditions dispute with their pilots chose to accept strike action. One of the consequences has been customers being informed of cancellations in aless than organised way. Then,Continue reading “The Sociopathic Algorithm”