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Reflections 15th November

What’s on my mind That imposing change rarely works. The meltdown at the heart of Government makes an excellent case study. Regardless of how individually we may regard Messrs Cain and Cummings (C&C), there is no denying they were agents of change, pushing agendas on… Read More

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Numbers vs. Emotions

I find it interesting how some mornings, news that might normally pass you by, sticks. On Radio 4 (UK) this morning, a Government Minister was being interviewed about the uncertain status and progress of local restrictions, and the possibility of a “circuit breaker” lockdown. It… Read More

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The Business Garden

Gardening and natural world metaphors abound in business, and provide a solid link to the systemic, rather than a mechanical approach to understanding change. A new dimension was added for me last night as I overheard a comment on “Gardeners World”; “There is no garden… Read More