Puzzles and Mysteries.

I was educated to solve puzzles. That with enough expertise, evidence and tools, Economics was a puzzle to be solved if I tried hard enough. It took me a while to work out that the problem was that somebody was fixing the rules. It was relatively easy to solve the problems that were set, butContinue reading “Puzzles and Mysteries.”

Inefficiency – the antidote to surprises.

Everything in and around us changes constantly. By the time you get to the end of this sentence, around 50 million cells in your body will have died and replaced. Our entire bodies are replaced every seven years. We don’t notice. It’s normal. Twenty percent of businesses fail in their first year, fifty percent byContinue reading “Inefficiency – the antidote to surprises.”

Efficiency comes at a price

We’re being offered an adventure right now. Whether we like it or not. Our “normal” world has dissolved and all of us, businesses, and individuals, find ourselves at a threshold. James Campbell, he of the hero’s journey left us with a wonderful body of work, and a way of thinking about our journeys. We areContinue reading “Efficiency comes at a price”