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Reflections 9 May

On my Mind. In a week that has seen elections here in the UK, an increasing level of noise about returning to work and holiday travel amidst a still explosive international situation, my mind has been on our relationship with ideas. A mixture of apparent… Read More

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But where do stories come from?

“The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” Muriel Ruykeser Muriel Ruykeser was a poet, a master storyteller and a political activist. Her words above capture, for me, a deep insight in just nine words. That’s real talent. It also raises a question. Where… Read More

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Sensing not knowing

Data is a powerful tool – but it views things through the lens of the past, and projects that into the future. It does not have imagination, but it’s very good at probabilities. We all, pretty much, have access to the same data and the… Read More