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Reflections, 29 August.

On my mind this week. I’ve been thinking about the nature of diversity. It’s one of those words that suddenly become de rigeur, enters the lexicon of items to be included on checklists, and non-debatable. To question it is to commit heresy. It goes along… Read More

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We can’t start with scale

We can’t start at scale, because everything that has already scaled doesn’t want to change. Listening to the news this morning, I’m struck by the number of items that involve some idea of legislation or pressure to get big things to change, whether it’s BAME… Read More

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Reflections 31 January

The end of January, and already so much to reflect on, as the optimism and joy of the work of scientists creating multiple vaccines descends into recriminations and division as the hard work of turning discovery into delivery piles the pressure on. Diversity has been… Read More