The wrong sort of evidence

Many years ago, on my commute home from London to Wendover, we used to get get regularly delayed by “leaves on the line” or “the wrong sort of snow”. Those days are long behind me. The experiences left me with a determination to avoid commuting like the plague. Right now however, we have plagues ofContinue reading “The wrong sort of evidence”


There’s a space between what we’re doing now and what we’ll be doing next. Some of that gap we can measure in time, like the timing between two notes on a musical score. Then there’s a more complex, nuanced version. The quality of what is happening in that space. The energy. The things that affectContinue reading “Tension”

The Well Trodden Path

We like well trodden paths. They are familiar, comforting and we recognise the scenery. We know them so well we could travel them with our eyes closed. That’s the problem. We become wilfully blind, seduced by our habits. The scenery may not look as if it is changing, but it is. Changes small enough notContinue reading “The Well Trodden Path”