Grow your Own

Very few gardens are the same. They may be a similar size, maybe on a modern development where most of the houses look similar. But the gardens are unique. They reflect the personalities of those who tend them. The pots, the types of flower, the layout. Those who tend them like to spend time there,Continue reading “Grow your Own”

How does that really work?

One of my vivid memories from school is calculus. Sitting in rows trying to keep up. Getting marks for being able to replicate what was going up on the Board. The trouble was, I could do it, but didn’t really understand it. I couldn’t pull it apart and play with it. Be intimate with it.Continue reading “How does that really work?”

Signal to Noise

In physics, the SNR – signal to noise ratio is the basically the power of signal (the information we want) divided by the power of noise (the information we don’t want). In our business and personal lives, maybe the same principle applies. And therein lies a challenge. The signal we look for – things thatContinue reading “Signal to Noise”