The Emotional Supply Chain?

Our logical supply chains are getting ever better. The combination of well designed process, ubiquitous use of algorithms, and increasingly the benefits of machine (deep) learning ensure it. However, as I learn more about the nature of machine learning in particular, I believe that unless we are mindful, we will end up with important schism.Continue reading “The Emotional Supply Chain?”

The Glitch

Interesting exchange between a passenger and a ticket inspector on a journey into St. Pancras on Weds morning. Passenger asks for ticket. Inspector takes payment via card. Debit apparently shows on passengers a Bank app, but due to poor WiFi, credit does not show on Inspector’s machine. Which is where it got interesting. Both passengerContinue reading “The Glitch”

Do algorithms need psychotherapists?

I’ve become more and more curious about the power of algorithms. They are wonderful things that can take mind numbing hard work out of routine processes, freeing humans to do more meaningful work. However. Who writes the algorithm? When you think about it, whoever writes the algorithm passes on their own worldview, biases, heuristics andContinue reading “Do algorithms need psychotherapists?”